This is a summary of all the products that I talk about in my blog posts.  There is so much great stuff out there!  I did find that I often have to modify content to make thing less wordy or a bit simpler.  CLICK ON ANY OF THE IMAGES TO LINK TO THE SITE WHERE YOU CAN FIND THEM.


 COOL KIDS prorgam for Macquaire University in Australia

COOL KIDS by Marquaire University sold by Centre for Emotional Health. I wound up buying all the products and sort of piecing them together.  The COOL LITTLE KIDS is for parents only.  I used that for the parents but modified the COOL KIDS ASD Adaptation for my little ones.

 Belly Breathing YouTube  by Common and Colbie Caillat
Catchy YouTube video to demonstrate BELLY BREATHING.  You'll be hooked.

Article, "5 Things You Should Never Say to an Anxious Child".  Use for parent group handout.

Breathe2Relax is a favorite app I used on the Ipad and typically projected it on my SmartBoard.  I also used it in small group or individual sessions.

Breathe2Relax shows kids how long to breathe in and out with a visual monitor

Camp Cope A Lot is an online program out of Temple University that is chocked full of
great stuff for an anxiety prevention group - relaxation, psychoeducation, problem solving, fun reinforcement,
kids workbook and coach's manual.
One of our favorite apps for practicing belly breathing!  Check it out!

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